BASICLAD Family Rewards is created to give thanks to our community of loyal lads. Join the family by registering an account on our website to enjoy the benefits right away! 

By completing different achievements on our website, you will be able to: 
• Earn EXP
• Earn Points
• Collect Badges

What does EXP do?
Collect "EXP" to level up from your current tier to a higher tier. Each tier unlocks different benefits and rewards. The higher your tier, the better it gets!

How do I get EXP?
• Earn 1 EXP for every 1 SGD spent on our website.
• Share with friends and earn 100 EXP for every successful referral.
• Earn additional EXP by completing various achievements.


Basic Member (new sign-up)
• Receive Newsletters

Laid-back lad (500 - 2499 EXP)
• Receive Newsletters
• Lifetime 5% discount

Free Spirit (2500 - 4999 EXP)
• Receive Newsletters
• Lifetime 10% discount
• 1 Free Shipping per month
• Receive 500 bonus Points

Hall of Zen (5000 EXP and above)
• Receive Newsletters
• Lifetime 15% discount
• Free Shipping
• Early access to sales
• Receive 1000 bonus Points

What does Points do?
Collect “Points” as you spend to redeem later as cash discount during your next checkout. Receive $1 credit for every 100 Points collected. 

How do I get Points?
• Earn 1 Point for every 1 SGD spent on our website.
• Share with friends and earn 100 Points for every successful referral. 
• Achieve bonus points when you unlock certain achievements.

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